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One-Person Project Team©

One Leader, Three Skill Sets


Manage the project and keep stakeholders informed


Analyze and document business requirements and process maps


Develop your solution using software you already own

The One-Person Project Team©, or OPPTm©, was designed with two different scenarios in mind.
First, we all know that sometimes work gets hectic; priorities shift, deadlines sneak up on you, or the proverbial "busy season" is fast approaching without a fix to the issue identified last year. That's why we designed OPPTm© to be ultra-agile, so things get done faster without all the lag time from task hand-offs.
In addition, OPPTm© was made with the small business in mind that typically doesn't have the budget for a traditional multi-person project team. Since one person is doing multiple functions, we guarantee we can beat any quote using a traditional project team by 66%! If any of the items from the list below sounds like something from your organization, contact us and see how Arsenal can help you!

OPPTm© beats traditional project team pricing by

See how the OPPTm© solution can help you when you need it most