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Steve Preston

Born in Mobile and raised in Trussville, Steve chose a life of service right after high school. Within days of graduating from Hewitt Trussville, he joined the Marine Corps as an infantryman. His dedication and ability led him to spend a year safeguarding the nation’s nuclear assets as a nuclear security guard, a role he executed with commitment and vigilance.

As a part of the 2nd Battalion 9th Marine Regiment, Steve was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq, where he headed an Intelligence Cell as the Chief, guiding a team of collectors and analysts. The tireless work of his team paved the way for the first successful democratic elections in the Al Anbar Providence of Iraq – an achievement Steve attributes to his team’s dedication and collaboration.

Following his tenure in Iraq, Steve served with the Marine Corps Tactical Advisory Group (MCTAG), training the Army of the Republic of Georgia post-Russian invasion. His journey of service didn’t stop there, as he was later assigned to the African Partnership Station. Initially set to embark to Africa, Steve and his team were redirected to Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake. Being one of the first responders, Steve assisted in providing humanitarian relief. Subsequently, his team trained the armed forces in Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, and Mali in West Africa.

After his time in the Marine Corps, Steve pursued higher education at Auburn University. He graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) in 3 years while being a part of the Alpha Iota Delta Honor Society. While at Auburn, he actively participated in the Cyber Initiative, an intelligence program led by the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. This exposure further sharpened his technological and analytical abilities.

The first job out of college saw Steve consulting for a multi-national bank on federal regulations. He then progressed to various roles as an analyst and project manager across several industries such as warehousing, consulting, healthcare, insurance, and government.

Driven by a desire to deliver comprehensive technology and management solutions, Steve established Arsenal Business Solutions with the same warrior ethos and value ingrained in him from his time in the Marine Corps.

Steve is a Certified Scrum Master, a Certified Blockchain Expert, and a Cyber Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 Registered Practitioner. Yet, he believes that learning is a lifelong journey and continues to build his skill set.

At home in the Greater Birmingham Area, Steve cherishes his time with his wife, Meagan, their son, JV, daughter, Stevie, and their rescue mutt – a wonderfully named Monster Truck, courtesy of their 3-year-old son.

Beyond his professional life, Steve holds dear his work with the community. He serves on the board of the Moody Miracle League, an organization that brings joy and inclusivity through baseball to children with mental and physical challenges. He also collaborates with the Birmingham Ed Foundation to talk with students at Carver High School about social entrepreneurship, instilling in them the understanding that business can be a force for positive societal change.

Steve Preston’s journey is not just one of professional accomplishments but also a testament to the power of service and community spirit. Through his continued work, he aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and contribute positively to the world around him.

Let us make the complicated, simple.